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“Creativity takes courage.”
~ Henri Matisse

Our phenomenal TrueArt™ Process is the way we engage with you to create fine art prints of your
Photos on Canvas Consultationoriginal art and photography. Experience a winning approach that is invigorated and exciting. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and true reproductions of your creative visions.

With skillful fine art printing techniques, we work to realize the perceptual sense and feeling of your work. As Creatives Working for Creatives, we understand and honor your artistic vision. We present an end product that will captivate your final audience. Whether your work is going to hang in a gallery or the home of a new collector, you’re going to love working with Reed!

The Right Place for You

Many of our customers have been with us for decades, some coming to us as fine art or photographic students who have grown to become full time professionals. We love sharing our craft and we want you to be successful. When you succeed, we succeed. Come in for a tour, or just to chat with a member of our knowledgeable staff and see what our clientele have known for years; Reed is the absolute best in the business for exquisite fine art reproductions. With some of the nation’s leading artists and photographers as our clients, working with up-and-coming fine artists and photographers is a natural fit. If you would like some assistance picking just the right paper or finishing choices, our team is ready to help. You can trust our understanding of the latest technologies and archival methods to ensure your project’s success.

Services for Fine Artists

Giclée / Pigment Art Prints:

These beautiful archival prints afford you the opportunity to get started in the limited edition
Giclee Printsmarket with a minimum  expense. Choose watercolor paper or true artists’ canvas prints for your fine art reproductions. You’ll be pleased with your experience of exceptional quality and service in our Giclée print studio. Your TrueArt™ Giclée master printer skillfully manipulates your digital file to match your original thereby creating a reproduction print that equals the source.  The lighting in the print studio is carefully calibrated to simulate both daylight and gallery lighting (Tungsten) situations so you can make informed decisions during the testing process.




Photos to Canvas Prints / Gallery Wraps:


Canvas printsA “Gallery Wrap” is a method of finishing your fine art reproduction. A photo to canvas print is exactly what it sounds like; a pigment print of your artwork or photo on canvas material. Choose real artist’s canvas prints for your fine art reproductions. All canvas is not created equally. With one touch of our true artist canvas, you’ll feel the difference our material makes. The authentic texture of a cotton-blend canvas fabric not only feels right but the color reproduction is astounding. The final step before stretching is to spray your printed photo on canvas with a UV coating to protect against light damage. Then we hand stretch your photo on canvas print around the sides of a frame and secure it in the traditional method by an artisan using staples. We carefully inspect each finished piece before it is available for pickup or delivery. Ask your personal creative team member about the photo on canvas prints / gallery wraps option and how it can work for you.

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Photographing of Art:

It is essential for good color reproductions, that your original artwork be expertly photographed. On-target photographing of art may mean the difference between selling or not selling your paintings. We pay acute attention to chromaticity, density, and detail. The photographic images created visualize your artwork; they need to be accurate as the original.



Professional Photo Printing for Fine Art:

"ninja89" Tessalations © Bob Jewett
Professional digital c-print papers make a significant and noticeable difference in the clarity and quality of your reproductions. Request true photographic LightJet professional photo printing for your high-end photography. The crisp brilliant colors of Fuji’s Crystal Archive professional c-print papers will showcase your images in ways you have not imagined.


Gallery Mounting:

Gallery Mounting for ProfessionalsEnhance and protect your beautiful photographic c-prints. This high quality finishing option gives a custom look that is long-lasting, glass-free and ready to hang. Ask your personal TrueArt™ professional for information about the choice of the Gallery Mount Collection.


Gallery Clear Acrylic Presentation System:
Polished Edge VS Un-polished Edge Gallery Clear Plex
This professional finishing choice will knock your socks off! Face-mounting provides exceptional brilliance and intensity for your finished work. It is one of the most impressive ways to display your fine art reproduction no matter the setting.


Other presentation and finishing services:



Fulfillment Solutions:

Secure shipping in our professionally built custom crateThe safe delivery of your work is our number one priority. Your creative team takes extraordinary care when drop-shipping your art prints directly to your buyer. Need special packaging or custom crates?  We can do that!


Drum and Desktop Scans:
Your personal creative coordinator can assist you in choosing the right scan; we will let you know what scan options match your intended usage. We can create both higher and lower resolution scans depending on your project.  For the highest resolution RGB scans and color fidelity, we recommend professional film scans. Our Aztec drum scanner will digitize your transparencies, negatives and black and white film up to 8″ x 10″ in size. Prior to film scanning, your original is inspected for any type of surface damage. All of our drum scans are oil mounted for the sharpest, cleanest scans possible. A member of our knowledgeable staff will use a calibrated display to color correct your drum scan and clean up any imperfections before the scan is printed or delivered to you.

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