What is Diasec

Available for the First Time in North America. At Reed Art & Imaging

Diasec is THE Facemount Process Accepted by Fine Art Museums Around the World.

Diasec is now the go to process for acrylic face mounts that is more visually appealing and carries a guarantee against separation or peeling.

The print is UV filtered, chemically inert and stable, yet remains flexible allowing it to withstand environmental changes.  Changes that can wreak havoc on an acrylic print that uses adhesive films. 

Photos, and Giclée prints are permanently protected against the ravaging effects of humidity.

The available light transmission of the acrylic and the fluid Diasec process allows for optimal light penetration and refraction, enhancing Image definition. Diasec outshines the film based adhesives and direct printing processes that look lesser by comparison

Your Options are Clear.

Enhanced color and longevity using Giclée inks and fine art papers.
Traditional latent image chromogenic (photo) papers are still an option too.  Your Diasec panels are backed with another layer of acrylic, (called a sandwich), or optionally Aluminum, composite material such as Dibond®, or left without a backer for framing.  Backed prints come standard with a recessed U-Channel frame for hanging – leaving the print floating from the wall with no visible support. 
For additional clarity and scratch resistance, TruLife® Acrylic is also available. 

Preservation of Your Art

Chemically inert and stable, your image is now airtight and protected from damaging UV and humidity, and is resistant to fungicidal matter, bacteria, and environmental pollutants.  It’s THE preservation method trusted by museums of fine art world-wide.

Reed Art & Imaging is the FIRST U.S. Based Studio Licensed to Make Your Diasec Presentations

Diasec® is a worldwide Trade Mark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, who developed the technique. Proven world-wide with a track-record for stability, Diasec is the go-to presentation for museums and collectors. As protected trade secrets, only approved and licensed studios may produce a genuine Diasec. In the US, the only place you can get yours right now is Reed Art & Imaging.

Are you ready to journey into a preservation and presentation like you have never seen?


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