Shipping & Crating


The integrity of the TrueArt™ process continues through every stage, and the process isn’t complete until your artwork arrives safely at it’s destination. We design and build your custom crate in-house to meet the requirements of each project. Single items can be shipped in our ultra light, but extremely safe Super Shipper Box™.  The egg-crate style foam is specifically formulated for shipping fragile artwork and every Super Shipper Box™ is tailored to your artwork and can ship via FedEx!

Your entire show can fit and ship safely in a custom padded crate. Large shows to small shows or complete installations. Complex shapes are also treated with the attention to detail only a true craftsman can provide. We think you will find our shipping services to be a work of art unto themselves.

We offer two sizes of the Super Shipper Box™.
20″ x 24″ $45.00 plus Shipping Cost
(Shipping Cost is estimated at time of shipping based on Size, Weight and Destination)
30″ x 40″ $60.00 plus Shipping Cost


Our shipping crates are a work of art, each one designed around your printed graphics. Our custom crates are built in our facility with their safe arrival at your door in mind.

Custom Crate Construction starts at $50.00 per crate. Final cost is based on quantity, dimension and material requirements. Initial estimates given before job is completed may change based on final job requirements.  Shipping is additional and is based on weight, dimensions and destination. Final cost of shipping and crating will be calculated when the order is ready to ship.


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