I was up at the gallery when we unpacked the crate. I have to say it was the best packing I’ve seen! Impressive.

From what I’ve seen of the pieces I thought they were done very well. I thought the production quality of the acrylics were second to none. Very nicely done. Looking forward to selling a few and getting more in the pipeline.

Todd Marti

Visual Artist


The integrity of the TrueArt™ process continues through every stage, and the process isn’t complete until your artwork arrives safely at it’s destination. We design and build your custom crate in-house to meet the requirements of each project. Smaller items can be shipped in a custom shipping box and can even ship via FedEx!

Your entire show can fit and ship safely in a custom padded crate. Large shows to small shows or complete installations. Complex shapes are also treated with the attention to detail only a true craftsman can provide. We think you will find our shipping services to be a work of art unto themselves.



Our shipping crates are a work of art, each one designed around your printed graphics. Our custom crates are built in our facility with their safe arrival at your door always a priority.


Because we believe that everyone deserves a fair price, shipping and crate prices are custom quoted on the specific requirements per container. 

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