Photo Finishing & Presentation

Professional Photo finishing and presentation make the difference between a photograph that is proudly displayed or one that sits in a box. Photographic prints are intended to be viewed. Because they are printed on paper, they can be easily damaged. Professionally printed photographs can stay in excellent condition for over a century; however, if you use inappropriate materials for mounting or if it is exposed to airborne pollutants, your print can rapidly deteriorate.

Photo Finishing

In order to have a long life, Fine art photography, should be finished by professionals, with proven methods and materials that ensure durability.

When preparing prints for exhibitions or special displays, content, intentions of the user of the image, and the display environment should be considered. Prints that might otherwise be framed, may need to be printed in larger sizes and presented as Gallery Flats or mounted to Gatorfoam panels. In such circumstances, it is even more important to make sure that the methods and materials used will be fit for purpose. For example, prints have been found to fade during an exhibition because they were mounted using an unsuitable adhesive.

Print Mounting

Having taken care to produce the best possible print, there is little doubt that it will look even better, and be better protected, when it has been mounted to be truly flat.

It is recommended that only those boards and other materials intended for print mounting and display should be used.  Acid free materials are particularly important for archival purposes. Unsuitable materials may cause prints to stain or deteriorate in other ways. Choose the proper substrate for the intended usage.


Illustration BoardCheap, LightFragile, prone to warping
2x weight in stock. Single and 3x by special order
SintraVery Flat, Flexible, rugged, water resistant.Flexible (heat), heavy.yesMany colors and thicknesses available. Usually stocked in black or white in 3mm and 6mm.
HDFRuggedHeavier than foam based productsnoNatural only. 3/16 inch thick
GatorfoamVery flat, very light.Somewhat fragile.
Natural is standard color. Also available in white and black on special order. 3/16, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1.25″ thick.
20mil LexanTough, very smooth, very thin and very light.Very flexible and can curl.
20mils only. Clear, no colors.

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