Legacy Upload

Our legacy upload was handy but now we have other options for you!

You may conveniently share your files with us using HighTail, WeTransfer, TransferNow, or a similar file sharing service, to trueart@nullreedphoto.com.

You may also use our feature packed storefront to order your prints and complete presentations.

The developers have certainly worked very hard to deliver the most compatibility with your browser and operating system, but even the best software will occasionally have a bug. We have made our legacy uploads available to you for just such times.

Are your files ready?

Files for uploads should meet our guidelines prior to submission.


Our old legacy upload is no longer in operation.

If you are sending a replacement file or your file is too large for our storefront, 
please use a file service such as WeTransfer, HighTail, or TransferNow, sending the links to your
Reed contact’s email address or to TrueArt @ Reedphoto.com


100MB file size limit per free transfer


Up to 2GB file size limit per free transfer

Transfer Now

4GB file size limit per free transfer.

Click to use this service
Click to use this service
Click to use this service.

File Setup Guidelines:

We want you to have the best possible photographic print or fine art reproduction with the least amount of difficulty. For an engaging experience with outstanding results, simply follow the instructions below!

Recommended Working Color Spaces

While we suggest that you convert to profile for all large format prints (LightJet and Giclee) we provide you the freedom to submit your files in any color space you prefer. The table below shows our recommended working spaces.

 GicleeLarge Format Photo (LightJet prints up to 49×120)Enlargements and Proofs (Frontier prints up to 12×18)
Recommended Working Color SpaceAdobe 1998 or sRGBAdobe 1998 or sRGBsRGB

A note on filenames

  • File names must have the appropriate .tif or .jpg extension and must not contain characters such as: \ / :*?”|’~ $ spaces right before the period, bullets or foreign characters.


  • If a proof is required, it will be done on the same device and media as the final print.
  • The proof will be the full image, printed to an 8″x10″.
  • If a strip test is requested at final size, there will be an additional charge applied.
  • If you require a proof after layout adjustments ie: text changes, image placement etc., we can email a PDF. If the files exceed 50 megabytes, we may print a screen capture of the layout. We will e-mail a PDF or screen capture free of charge.

Removable Media

We accept the following removable media:

  • Thumbdrive
  • Micro storage cards
  • You may also send you files via our web upload page.


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