Career Artist Ethan Jantzer Talks about his perceptions of the TrueArt Experience

PersonaCircleIconTrueArtTmThe TrueArt™ Process is our proven and exclusive method to ensure that every client
enjoys a great creative experience and amazing outcomes.

GuestShot_52_modifiedCreative Visioning

This interactive discussion of your goals (we listen and understand), options and ideas ensures that your project and the approach are clearly defined. We help you make the perfect choices to support your artistic vision and enhance the viewer’s experience.
We make sure you feel confident about the process and the budget.


Kara_0225_ppRTCCSqPersonal Project Coordinator Engagement

While you may interact with different members of the Reed Creative Team, your Personal Project Coordinator will ensure the proactive coordination of your project and serve as your point person for all communications. You will receive an introductory email from them within 24 hours.



_MG_0672Image Capture

Ensuring that we have the best quality digital files possible is critical to producing amazing outcomes. Our Image Capture department are experts at photographing your work. We also have an on-line file transfer area for you to provide your images to us.



GuestShot_184_modifiedTest Run Viewing, Enhancements & Optimization

Personal attention to detail is what sets us apart. We will collaborate throughout the process. We will review test prints and coordinate any enhancements to optimize the quality of your final work.




Your fine art reproductions carefully packagedShipping, Pickup or Delivery

We will ensure the safe delivery of your work. We take great care in drop-shipping your reproductions directly to your buyer. If special packaging or crates are needed, we can do that too. Just let us know how we can make this as easy as possible for you.




Fine Art ConsultationHow does it work?

When you enter our TrueArt™ Print Studio, you are our guest. It doesn’t matter if you enter through our doors or through our website. If you like, one of our TrueArt™ Professionals will contact you. We personally assist you in discussing your photographic printing or fine art reproduction options. We listen and offer suggestions about the choices available for your fine art reproductions. We ask all the right questions up-front. We offer complete art reproduction services from digital enhancements all the way to finishing services. Reed Art & Imaging is your personal fine art print studio. We produce your project to your specifications.


_MG_0354What if I have questions?

At any point during the production process, you may speak with your Personal Project Coordinator any member of your Personal Production Team. We will answer any questions that you may have during the reproduction process. If you would like to meet with any member of your team or see our TrueArt™ Print Studio, just call 1-800-999-8084 and setup an appointment. We are Artists Working for Artists and we understand the importance of the final print to your success and we feel that good communication is critical to that success.


DAM exhibit color test 4When do I see a proof?

You can choose to view test prints at any stage of the printing process, or if you prefer, our experienced artists can handle all the subjective assessments of your photographic printing or fine art reproductions all the way through to the final prints.



DSCF4355How do I receive my finished prints?

Just let us know how you’d like to receive your final finished fine art reproductions or photographic prints. You can pick them up or we are ready to drop-ship your reproductions directly to your buyer, and if special packaging or crates are needed, we can do that too.



Grays_ProductionWhere do you print my reproductions?

Our TrueArt™ Fine Art Reproduction Studio is in Denver, Colorado, USA. All aspects of your edition are produced in our studio at 8000 West Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214. We have been in business since 1976 and are family owned by Bob and Betty Reed.


Why do you do this?

When you are successful, we are successful. We do this with the goal of increasing your sales by offering new ideas, incredible products and maybe even new markets.  Your satisfaction is always at the forefront of what we do. We provide excellent photographic prints and fine art reproductions that help you succeed.

The TruArt Process


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