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Caleb FaussCaleb Fauss

I grew up in a small town in East Texas, and home-schooled until my early teens. After my studies, I would spend every hour of daylight exploring nature. My imagination thrived in the deep piney woods and I attribute much of my creative spark to those early years. It inspired a growing passion for art at an early age. Art quickly became my favorite subject which later led me to take four years of art classes in high school, and even more in college.  My two passions became drawing/painting and music, often intertwined and playing off each other.

Like many in my shoes, I had no clue what I was going to do after high school graduation, but I ultimately decided to expand on my passion for art by pursuing a graphics design degree. At my humble junior college, the available major was actually Graphics Design/Photography, and to be honest, I thought the photography class would just be an easy “A”. However, I became enthralled with the art of photography. My first semester, which included Basics of Photography, was the last year students at that school would shoot with film or learn basic darkroom techniques.

After school, it became overwhelmingly apparent that I had outgrown my hometown and was ready to move on, so I found my way to Austin, TX, where I acquired a job in the print industry. It was honestly the first job that I didn’t absolutely despise. I had found a field of work that inspired me creatively and incorporated my skills and interests. What more could you ask for?

I must have been about 16 when I first traveled to Colorado for a family vacation. It was love at first sight. The mountains resonated deep within my being, and I knew that when the time was right I would find my way back to the place that instantly felt like home. My transition here was smooth, which reassured my decision. In 2016, less than a month after my move to Colorado, I started working at Reed Art & Imaging. I love interacting with artists on a daily basis. The way I see it, my position here is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to help fellow artists reach their full potential, and to gain personal inspiration each and every day!

In my spare time, you can find me enjoying (you guessed it) art, music and nature. I love hiking, seeing live music and attending art shows/galleries…especially at outdoor venues.

Chrissi Sholl

I fell in love with photography as a small child and haven’t looked back. As a kid I moved around a lot because of my father’s career and keeping in touch with friends was big for me. I began self-publishing monthly newsletters to mail to my friends, which eventually turned into photographing for my junior high and high school newspapers. I was also publicity director for my high school’s drama club as well as historian. I LOVED making newsletters and capturing the club’s memories. I went on to college at Arizona State University where I earned my BA in 2004 for Fine Art with concentration in Photography. During college I worked for the college newspaper The State Press as a photographer gathering campus news. During and after college I apprenticed with wedding Photographer Kerry Allen where I learned a lot about portrait photography and eventually worked my way up to studio manager and lead photographer. During this time I started working with a company that traveled to daycares all over Arizona, California and New Mexico, which gave me the opportunity to make my life long dream of moving to California come true. This is where I chased an LA band, auditioned for a reality show competition for photographers, and biked to the beach to photograph surfers. I fell in and out of love with California daily.

Six years later, my dreams changed and I decided to follow in the footsteps of my family and move to Colorado. I was the last of my immediate family to move here. Here I continued my career in portrait photography at a locally owned studio until I discovered Reed Art and Imaging. I joined the Reed team in June of 2015 as a Guest Services Representative. I love helping customers take their images from raw files to art that can be displayed anywhere from their home, galleries, or businesses for a lifetime to come.

On the weekends you’ll find me photographing portraits, landscapes, wildlife, memories and making memories hanging out with family and my 2 dogs Crash and Lotus.

Rachel Stilley

Rachel’s story is coming soon!