Ghostwriter Signature Service

It looks like your signature because it is your signature.

Signing editions just got easy.

You just got an order from a collector and requests for prints from one of your galleries — congratulations!  You order your prints, wait for them to arrive, sign and number them, and ship them to their respective destinations.

What if you could remove the hassle of waiting for arrival, unpacking, signing, repacking, printing shipping labels and arranging a pickup or taking it to the carrier yourself?  Sounds good right?

It’s time to get real

Our Ghostwriter Signature Service allows you to do just that, so you can get back to making more art and more sales and leave at least some of the drudgery behind. And it’s not something added to the image in photoshop; this is a real signature with a real pen. It would take a forensics pro to tell it apart from your own hand.

Your signature is digitally mastered onto a secure and encrypted proprietary file on a special type of flash drive.

When your prints are ready to sign, the encrypted drive is loaded directly into our robotic “hand,” the print is carefully aligned to ensure the signature is put right where you told us you want it, then the magic begins.

Each of your prints is signed using your signature and a real pen or marker, and one of our in-house artists will neatly number each individual print per your specifications.


Setup fee per signature = $150

Each signing per print = $20