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Artist Ethan Janzen inspecting print color for Cherry Creek Arts FestivalThe most critical element of the printing stage is the Artist’s Proof.

We feel that a real fine art print should have the input of the artist during this important step. Your artist proofs are imaged on the same materials as you editions. No guessing, no on-screen estimates – these are the genuine article.  While most every other printer has abandoned artists proofs for economic reasons, we understand that meeting the fine artist’s vision is the single most important thing we can do to support their success. So important is this step that we don’t charge extra so that the cost is not a barrier to getting the perfect print.

 Giclee printing offers an artistic look and feel all its own.

As artists working for artists, we understand, and honor your artistic calling; we want to support your growth in the market and see your successes expand. Giclée Printing using our TrueArt™ process delivers an exceptional Giclée print that meets your expectations and enhances the viewer’s experience. As Master Giclee Print Makers and early adopters of Giclee printing technology, we have a breadth of experience and are confident we will maximize the visual experience in your Giclee prints.

Our unique process of working with you begins with a Creative Consultation.

This first, and critical step ensures we understand fully what you expect from us, from your budget and from your final Giclee print. Your Creative Center Consultant is then able to assist you with any remaining details and move your images into the Giclée printing production stream. With the goal of increasing your success, we may discuss ideas for new and exciting solutions that you may not be aware of;  ideas that may expand your market and inspire new creative thought. Your Creative Center Consultants are available to answer questions any time during the production process too. If you ever have a need to meet with any of your TrueArt™ production team, they are available via phone, email or face-to-face.

We know you will be viewing your Fine-art Giclee print proofs with a critical eye, and we are ready to listen.

Customer pickup of original painting  © Malcolm FarleyOur goal is the same as yours – to take pride in the final product. Every member of our team believes that perfection is a worthy pursuit. If you are new to the process, we are ready to gently guide and coach if requested.

As a solution provider, we are prepared to complete all aspects of your fine art editions including print on demand and fulfillment to your customers or galleries. Even our shipping-crates are a work of art, each one designed around your ready to hang artwork. For single items, our Super Shipper Boxes™ hold your mounted pieces gently and securely, and can ship via FedEx.

When you are ready to get started with your Giclee Printing project, contact a Creative Consultant at 1-800-999-8084, or drop by our TrueArt™ Creative Center™ at 888 Federal Blvd. Denver, Colorado.

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Move up to the Hottest Giclée Printing Available, Giclée Prints For The Artist

Giclee Pigment Prints EditionTwo of the biggest buzzwords in the art-market today are “Giclée Printing“, and “Pigment Printing”. If you are looking for Canvas Gallery Wraps or Deckled Water Color Rag Paper, we are your professional Giclée Printing source. With an ultra-high apparent resolution of 1800 dpi, and the ability to print on many fine art substrates, the Giclée processes are commanding a great deal of gallery and professional print buyer attention. Ideal for fine art limited editions, the Giclée fine art print has become the preferred method for fine art reproduction world-wide. Gone are the days when full artist editions had to be run at one time. With our high-end Giclée fine art prints, your editions can be run in smaller batches, as little as one print at a time. Why spend your money printing thousands of artist Giclée prints on speculation?

Many clients feel that our TrueArt™ process, combined with our years of ground-breaking technical experience in the digital realm, provide for fine art prints that outperform the competition for color fidelity and detail. The twelve color printing process of the Canon Giclée printer provides a much larger color gamut than the four and six color versions on the market today, and our technicians measure their professional reproduction experience in decades, not just years.

The mystery behind “Giclée ”
You probably already know that the word “Giclée” is French, with a loose English translation of “to spray”. But there is no magic behind a fine art Giclée print itself. A Giclée printer is not a photo print per se, but rather an expensive high-end ink-jet printer with higher resolution heads and the ability to work with archival fine art inks and substrates such as, Giclée printing watercolor rag papers, Giclée canvas, and other art and graphics printing papers. By using “archival” pigmented inks, this printing medium preserves your fine-art and portrait photo print buyer’s investment; making your artwork a more attractive purchase. And just how archival is a Giclée artist print? There is a great deal of debate surrounding the longevity of Giclée printing methods, much of it a result of differing opinions on how to “correctly” test that longevity. The truth is, no one really knows for sure, but best guesses from testing place them between 70 and 100 years when archivally stored – less when hanging on a wall. Before we decide on the paper and canvas stocks we run through our Giclée printers, manufacturer specifications on longevity are examined and we test the printing papers to make sure the final print quality meets our stringent professional guidelines. We take the risk out of printing photos online, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, and we have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Black & White Giclées Offer Stunning Tonal Range and Detail
Black & White digital files printed on a Giclée printer result in stunning B&W Prints in the same large print sizes and pricing as we offer in color Giclée Prints. You will be amazed at the beauty of the expanded tonal range and clarity of detail in these exhibition quality fine art Giclée prints. The standard features include continuous-tone like look, image permanence, tonal control and exquisite appearance while offering the unique advantage of greater dynamic range over conventional wet process printing.


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