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Canvas Gallery Wraps

An elegant way to present your fine art reproductions is with Canvas prints. Your  canvas prints are sprayed with a protective UV coating to increase their longevity when displayed. For a easy and ready to hang framing option, you can choose the “Gallery Wrap” or if you wish to stretch your canvas print at a later date, we can roll your print in a protective sleeve. If you intend framing the canvas print behind glass we can also photo mounting to the board type of your choice. Every finished canvas print is carefully inspected by a member of our TrueArt™ team before being made available for pickup or drop shipping.

Canvas wraps are 4 days for testing, 4 days for final print, and 3 days for stretching. 11 business days total
Canvas only and watercolor are 4 days for testing plus 4 days for final print. 8 business days total


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Canvas Prints / Gallery Wraps

Gallery Wrap Photos on Canvas Prints with image wrap

A “Gallery Wrap” is a method of stretching an artist’s canvas print so that the print wraps around the sides of a frame called stretcher bars. The gallery wraps are then created by securing the canvas prints to the back of wooden frames in the traditional manner using staples. This method of stretching and preparing canvas prints does not require an expensive decorative art frame, though you can certainly add one if you wish. Gallery wraps are available in a variety of depths from 3/4” to 2” and sizes from 8″ x 8″ up to 58″ x 96″.


All Gallery Wraps come ready to hang

All Gallery Wraps come ready to hang

Photos to canvas on real material. Not cheap embossed paper or vinyl.

Real canvas. Not cheap embossed paper or vinyl.

Photos on canvas gallery wraps look amazing! Add a rich new look to your fine art or studio photography. Family portraits and other photos on canvas gallery wraps create works of art that will be admired for years to come. Wildlife printed as fine art photos on canvas add an authentic and classic feel that enhances the viewer experience.



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