Gallery Clear For The Artist

Cutting edge, vibrant and attention stealing are a few ways to describe these ready-to-hang acrylic face-mounted archival prints. 

It is truly amazing how great artwork seems to light-up when face-mounted to our high-end plex. And you simply will not find a mount that is so perfectly flat from edge to edge. This is a presentation that looks like real precision and grabs attention in a gallery or installation.



Standard Features:

  • Archival polyester based Fuji-Crystal Archive latent image silver-halide paper
  • Crystal clear UV blocking adhesive
  • Top-end 1/8″ and 1/4″ acrylic is manufactured to exacting standards for the best possible presentation
  • 1/4″ Black Komatex backer ensures maximum contrast by blocking extraneous back-lighting.
  • A recessed 1/2″ box-cleat frame comes standard and floats the print 1/2″ from the wall, and helps keep the presentation flat.

Optional Features:

  • Standard box-cleat can be substituted with blocks and D-Rings or Blocks and Wires.
  • Your choice of frosted or flame polished edge.
  • Rounded corners for a softer presentation.
  • We have a huge selection of stand-offs. Call or drop-in or reach-out for pricing.


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