Photo Retouching and Photo Manipulation

With high end photo retouching, the goal is to create a final product that is 100% believable. This is exactly where we come in because we specialize in believability. Our principle photo retouching goal is to provide you with an image that looks real. You can be confident our long term experience with national and international clients provides you with access to the expertise to complete your task. Photo Manipulation services at Reed Art & Imaging can save you considerable money over the cost of a re-shoot. Clients continuously discover the benefits of using our photo retouch services and why many other photo labs actually send their clients to US. The following are just some of the reasons to use our services.

Photo retouching, Image manipulation, photo restorationPhoto retouching can:

  • Remove imperfections
  • Restoration of old photographs
  • Photo manipulation
  • Build a product from scratch
  • Prototype clean-up and face-lift
  • Change a product color
  • Fix skin-tones/blemishes
  • Model year updates

We start with an ultra high resolution drum scan, work the image on our high-end retouching workstations and finish your job with either a continuous-tone output, save the file to disk or place your corrected image on a server for your convenient retrieval later.

Photo Restoration

Your family heirlooms and historical images are treated with respect and attention to detail. Our decades of retouching experience for the museum market means your historical images will receive the attention they deserve and your expectations will be met.

Photo restorationphoto restoration







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Advanced Image Restoration and Photo Retouching

Portrait Retouching Prices

RetouchStandardComplex Standard  
Glass Glare$6.75$20.00Small Background Flaw$6.75
Stray Hair$6.75$20.00Shadow$6.75
Whiten Teeth$4.25Head Swap/Eye Opening$20.00same sitting
Remove Braces$13.00$30.00$30.00different sitting
Remove Blemish$4.25Darken Background$5.25ea
Remove Acne$6.75$14.00Special Crop$2.50ea
Remove Wrinkles$6.75Special Sizing$2.50ea
Remove Foreign Objects$5.50quoteExtra Border$5.00
Tan Lines$14.00Red Eye Removal$2.50per person
Brighten Eyes$4.25Match Tone$5.00

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