Film Developing and Processing

Certified Photo Film Developing

We are dedicated to quality film Developing.

clear creek 300x239 Film Developing and ProcessingQuality film developing is absolutely essential to the final product. Our dedication to professional film processing goes back to our beginnings. Reed Art & Imaging was founded on processing E-6 and C-41 films. Using the first “Refrema 307″ in the state of Colorado, our experts provide you with outstanding service & quality. The best film processing equipment available, the Refrema brand of processors, has established a world-wide reputation for quality and stability. The Refrema 307 “Olympic”, named for it’s trusted use at the international sporting events, is the big brother to our Refrema Compact C-41 and BW processor. These film processors use “Dip and Dunk” mechanics to safely and gently develop your E-6, B&W or C-41 film in each of the precisely tempered developing chemical baths.

4x5 film process 300x200 Film Developing and ProcessingYour photo film developing begins using one of the most stringent process control systems in the country. Our quality control procedures virtually guarantee you great color, contrast, density and consistency. This means less waste and less testing from shoot to shoot. And you know how that relates to profits. Each sheet or roll of film that comes out of our processors is carefully evaluated, ensuring you get the highest quality on the most consistent basis possible.

Sending us your film For Developing:

Download, print and complete this form, and include it with your exposed, unprocessed, E-6, C-41, or B&W for film developing. We will contact you for payment at the information you supply via the printed form.

downloadFilmDevelopingForm Film Developing and Processing




Carefully box your film with sufficient padding (not just envelopes please) and ship to:
Film Processing
c/o Reed Art & Imaging
888 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204
Our contact phone number is 303-573-8084

Turn Times:

The standard run time for color or black and white film developing is in by 9:00 a.m. and out by 3:00 p.m.

Rush service add 100%  additional surcharge

We adjust E-6 film in 1/8 stops from -1.5 stop pull to +3 stop push. 40% additional surcharge
C-41 may be adjusted in 1/2 stops from -1 stop pull to +2 stop push. 50% additional surcharge

Black and White film developing: Push as far as  you like, or pull up to 1 stop = 50% additional surcharge.
Over 1 stop =100% additional surcharge

Mounted 35mm slides will be numbered unless custom imprinting is requested
Evenings after 3p.m. $60.00/hr plus processing.
Sat&Sun, $80.00/hr plus processing
Holidays $100.00/hr plus processing

Imprinting Slides
Free imprinting at the time of processing
Up to 2 lines of type: 1 line on top and 1 line on the bottom
21 character spaces per line, ( symbol counts as 2 characters)
All rolls, time of processing, imprinting is free
Preprocessed film or type change $2.00 per roll
Additional rolls with same information $1.30
print Film Developing and Processing Print Complete Table

E6 Color Film ProcessingSleevedMounted
35mm 20 and 24 exposure$9.20$11.45
35mm 36 exposure$9.75$11.80
70mm – per foot$2.35
35mm /120 cut and page$1.45
4x5 downloads$0.60
Minimum Order$5.00
Adjust Process add 40%

C41/B&W Film ProcessingSleeved
35mm 20,24 and 36 exposure$8.40
35mm /120 cut and page$1.45
4x5 downloads$0.60
Minimum Order$5.00

Process & ProofSingles  Double Prints  
3.5x5 or 4x6$14.25$19.95$20.25$28.95
Med Format6x7cm6x6cm6x4.5cm6x7cm6x6cm6x4.5
4x5 or 4x6$8.80$11.70$12.60$17.40
Index Cards
Files to CD$5.95


Cross-Processing – E6 Slide Film & C41 Color Negative Film Developing

Cross-Processing (developing slide film in the negative chemistry or visa-versa) is available at Reed Art & Imaging. We offer both types of cross process, C-41 in E-6 and E-6 in C-41. When processing C-41 films in E-6 chemistry, we suggest a starting point exposure of +2 stops over with a normal process. You may also expose your film normally and process with a +2 stop push for added contrast. When developing E-6 Transparency films through the C-41 chemistry, a good starting point is a normal exposure and normal film developing. Greater than normal exposures lead to higher film density and the potential for increased “blooming”. Push processing leads to higher contrast, greater film density, and stronger color shifts. In all cases we recommend testing your exposure/process combinations before committing your critical final images to film. Our normal prices apply.

Digital “Contact” Prints

C41 Digital "Contact" PrintsProcess & Digital "Contact"AdditionalDigital "Contact" from pre processed film. Rolls Only
B&W Digital "Contact" PrintsProcess & Digital "Contact"AdditionalDigital "Contact" from pre-processed film. Rolls Only
8.5x11 Contact$17.30$8.40$13.65

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