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Photography of Paintings and Flat Art aka: Copy Services

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Important information about art sizes

Any dimensions exceeded in the table below qualify to be charged for the larger size.

Normal and Oversize Service: 2 business days

  • 1 day service add 50% surcharge
  • Less than 1 day service add 100% surcharge

From books, or material requiring special handling and or layout time: $40 per hour

Removing and replacing artwork from frames: $15.75 minimum

Extra Large Size Service: 3 business days

  • 2 day service add 50% surcharge
  • 1 day service add 100% surcharge

Digital Capture
5.0 MB jpeg for web to CD$21.50
20MB (approx) Tiff to CD$45.00
100MB Hi-Res Scan Back$70.00
Copy Services to Film1stAdditional
Up to 20”x30”
35mm Slide$10.35$2.25
Up to 48”x72”
35mm slide up to 48”x72”$13.75$2.25
4x5 transparency$51.75$29.50
Extra large up to 72”x108”
35mm slide$26.95$2.25
4x5 copy trans$103.00$29.00
Larger Sizes

Black Masking of Original Art
$5.25 for each original. At times we have to use black masking tape on your original artwork to prevent lens-flare. Please inform us if it is unacceptable to use tape on your artwork.

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