Sales Team


Michael Baker

DSC_2208-2_ppSmSqGreat art and great imaging inspires me and the creative arts have always been welcomed in my life. My heart and passion is professional imaging. I find it amazing how much a photograph can change a mood or create a mood just by looking at it. I am inspired by images that touch me or can bring me to another place without needing to be there. Great images are forever a part of our lives, they stay in our hearts and minds. Envisioning what the artist had to do, and had to endure to capture and create the perfect art piece or image is inspiring. I appreciate finely printed images that are hanging on walls where ever I am and get excited to see my own work in print.
Ambitious, resourceful and able to see the road ahead with ten years of proven experience as owner/operator of In Light Photography, A Denver based creative studio, provides me with a critical perspective and understanding of the daily challenges of our professional creative clientele. Owning and operating a professional photography full service studio in Denver, CO for 10 years; In Light Photography, was pure enjoyment.
I have 30 plus years of experience in the creative, and graphic arts industries with a background in Commercial printing, Professional Photography, Sales, Marketing, and Production. As the sales manager at Reed my goal is to be a key contributor, an integral part of an already great team. Reed understand our customers’ needs, we build relationships with our customers, exceed their expectations, and grow together. I am honored to be part of this team of dedicated professionals who go the extra mile. I always strive to achieve successful outcomes, and I believe at Reed Art & Imaging we have proven industry reliability and integrity that sets apart.

Joanie Meyer

I am passionate about beautiful portraits. I have worked closely with Professional Portrait Photographers in the custom portrait lab industry for most of my career. I joined the Reed team in 2004 managing the portrait sales division. There is nothing more exciting than when a photographer captures that exceptional moment, has it professionally printed, to become a family heirloom for years to come…  My belief and personal goal is to be helpful through strong ethical customer service giving my clients a feeling of trust and confidence in the products I provide.
My twin sister Jeanie and I enjoy spending crazy fun times together. During all four beautiful seasons I enjoy traveling through Colorado’s majestic mountains.