Printing Team

sarah is a dedicated member of our TrueArt™ Creative Production Team
Sabine is a proud part of our TrueArt™ Creative Production Team
Bob is our Master Giclee Printer and a proud member of our TrueArt™ Creative Team
Dan is our LightJet operator and a dedicated member of our TrueArt™ Creative Team

SarahSarah Power

The first time I picked up a SLR, my Canon EOS, I couldn’t believe how cool it was to be able to sharpen what seemed to be out of focus. Turned out I needed glasses!  Once I discovered the Colorado Institute of Art, I had my calling.
After finishing my education at CIA in 1984, I immediately went to work in the photo reproduction industry. I have honed my color management skills over the years and am now considered an expert color printer with an awesome ‘color eye’. As the digital age has pretty much put all those darkroom skills in the archives, I’ve had to reinvent myself digitally. One of the greatest things about photography is change, this can be both good and bad, but I always try to look at things positively. I wanted to learn Photoshop, so I threw myself at it in the year 2000. I’ve been with Reed since 2003 where I have continued to refine and expand my Photoshop knowledge with the help of both Kim Reed and John Harris. These guys know everything you could possibly need to know when it comes to Photoshop, and I have them in my back pocket. After being in this industry for over 25 years, it’s amazing how I am still challenged at times. Being able to use Photoshop everyday allows me to continue being creative and use all the years of my color expertise to bring out the best possible image. I take tremendous pride in what I do and I’ve been told it shows!

MelanieBob Jewett

I am a self-taught artist and photographer. I believe each day brings a new lesson. I love photography, collage art, grid assemblages and found ephemera, and have been a gallery artist since 1999 and a festival artist since 2005. My career in image reproduction began in 1983 and I have been with Reed since 1993. I love what I do here, and I do whatever is needed. I handle guest needs…fine artists, photographers and beginners. As Reed’s Master Giclee printer, and color specialist for the Giclee and Light Jet departments, I optimize for the best possible color on any given output.

SabineSabine Walker

After I finished my job training as a photo technician in Germany, I came to the US in 1993. Over the years, I’ve worked for professional photographers and reproduction facilities in California and Colorado.
As much as I like taking photos of family and friends, I love the aspect of printing in my job, which I have been doing for Reed since 2005.
I have been told that I have the best eye for color west of the Mississippi!
Call me crazy, but I believe work is a blessing.

DanDan Walters

I was born in Charleston, SC, but with my Dad in the Air Force we soon moved to Utah. As my family was from Colorado originally, we moved back to the state in 1974.
I graduated from Wheat Ridge High School in 1984 & went on to Metro State College where I majored in Visual Communication & Journalism. Intending to become a photo journalist, I quickly found wildlife photography to be my real passion. I’ve been published in Nation Geographic, Colorado Outdoors, Bugle Magazine, All Animals Magazine, Smith-Southwestern Publishing, Brown Trout Publishing, Chicago Wilderness Magazine, Grit Magazine and Nature Friend Magazine; I’m a member of Front Range Wildlife Photographers. I started working in reproduction studios in 1990 for The Pro Lab and was a custom printer. In September 2008 I came to Reed Photo-Imaging as the Lightjet Printer and I image large photographic prints and color correct to meet our client standards.
In my free time you will find me on my mountain bike, hiking or snow shoeing in beautiful Colorado looking for any kind of wildlife to capture their image.