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MG 0381 Guest Services TeamBetty Reed

I started in this business in 1976 with my husband Bob. At that time, my only experience in the photo lab business had been negative retouching for a large lab in Minneapolis, a talent and skill that proved to be very useful when we started our business. During these years I’ve worked in many departments of the lab, but now I’m in customer service. I enjoy working with customers on their projects so we can satisfy their needs. Being patient and a good listener for others can change their bad day into a great day. I believe my work ethics came from growing up in the country and always being around people who want to do their part to make this a better place.I truly value our upbringing for so many reasons. It has influenced us in who we are and what we have accomplished in our years of business. I have tried to be the even keel of our business. I am able to listen to the pros and cons on any issue and add my input.

MG 0352 Guest Services TeamKarla Buckley

I spent eight years in retail before coming to work for my family’s business.
At Reed, I do many things from Customer Service Co-Manager, part owner, answering phones, writing up orders, creating quotes for customers, to handling the shipping department. When the bean counter is gone, I also back up payroll and other things in accounting. Need a go-to-grunt, so to speak? That’s me! Best assistant anyone could have, don’t ya know, but don’t ask me to lead the pack, we’ll get lost in the woods.
Originally I attended college for nursing, hence the assistance quality. Helping others was something I knew I wanted to do until I realized that giving a shot to someone was not going to happen, UFFDA! So I left school and learned all I could about the photo world. So here I am, loving every customer and seeing the world through their images. I believe that taking care of our customers is my number one priority.
I love anything having to do with animals! I will foster care, adopt and even pet sit your animal(s). Knitting and making jewelry is my relaxing down time.

MG 0450 Guest Services TeamCyndy Stiller

Twelve years as a high school teacher was the perfect preparation for my position at Reed Art & Imaging as a Digital Media Specialist in our Guest Relations Department, where I’ve been since 2006. Teaching teenagers was a good proving ground for me to assist even the most digital novice among our customer base. I was initiated very early into the digital publishing industry in the 1980s as I began a career in writing, publishing, editing, photography, desktop publishing, and graphic design. But it wasn’t until an opportunity to become a private high school yearbook and newspaper adviser that I discovered a passion for teaching. Something that I am very proud of is that those two scholastic publications were consistent award winners every year during my time as adviser. Those years as a teacher helped me develop perspective, patience, and respect for people, which I believe have been the most important tools in my drawer as I interact with Reed guests everyday in person, via phone or on the Web. I love the personal aspect of my job, getting to know artists and photographers from all over the globe, and being a trusted part of their creative process.

One of the things that I love about working at Reed is the family atmosphere. Those of us who work here are considered family, as are so many of our customers, too. So, when I’m not working beside my Reed family, you’ll likely find my husband and me surrounded by our noisy clan of daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren, and a gaggle of young people who have claimed us as their own. So, on any given Sunday, if you find yourself in our neighborhood, drop on in! There’s always room for one more at our dinner table.

MG 1078 Guest Services TeamMarti Foxhoven

Oh, the magic of watching a print develop in a chemical tray is pure bliss! Twenty-eight years of teaching photography to high school students has provided a reliable background for working in guest services at Reed. However, before embarking on a teaching career, just what would prompt a young college grad from the plains of Colorado to relocate to the “Big Apple”?   Maybe, it was just the challenge of perfecting those invaluable survival skills in the subways and streets of that dynamic city.  Or just the chance to swim in the Atlantic with the Polar Bear Club!I’ve experimented with many traditional photo techniques including alternative photo processes, formal classes in the Zone System, digital classes in Photo Shop, video production as well as finally pursing an MFA in photography at the University of Colorado.  As an educator, collaborating with students on their creative endeavors provided me with a rich and enlightened sense of accomplishment.  I probably leaned as much from them as they did from me.  I feel my diverse background can enhance my contribution to working with clients as well.

Professionally one of my most rewarding achievements was being selected as video coordinator for a trip to Ghana West Africa for Educators. Besides exhibiting my own photo images, I’ve been a member of various art and photography associations.  I’ve served on the board for the Colorado Photographic Arts Center for approximately 10 years.

I cherish the opportunity of working with some the most accomplished professionals in the industry at Reed.   My goal is to listen and advise clients of how Guest Services can best meet their creative and production goals.
Just what would prompt a young college grad from the plains of Colorado to relocate to the “Big Apple”?   It was possibly a romantic notion of living in a dynamic city, inspired by the music of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”.   But first a brief stop in Ohio to serve as Artist in Residence of a women’s college program and also as a  photo documentarian for an inner city poverty agency.  Jobs in NYC included art teacher in a Harlem elementary school, and also an elite private school in Manhattan.  When the canyons of the city proved too claustrophobic, a trip to Coney Island provided a more panoramic view and an opportunity to play with the Polar Bear Club members (one of the oldest winter swimming groups in the US).  Survival skills were honed on the streets and subways of this big city.  Later, these skills proved invaluable as an art and photo teacher of middle and high school students for 28 years in the Denver area.

My education includes: B. A. Clarke University, Dubuque, Iowa; Teacher Certification Metropolitan State College, Denver Colorado;  MFA , University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.

In 1996 I was selected as the Video Coordinator for a trip to Ghana, West Africa sponsored by the Fulbright Educational Program for teachers.   Collaborating with peers we produced a 30-minute video for the Cherry Creek and Aurora Public Schools districts.  I’ve been a member of various art and photography associations locally, but probably the longest membership is with the Colorado Photographic Arts Center of which I served on the board for approximately 10 years.


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