Finishing Team

Kelly is a family member and a dedicated part of our TrueArt™ Creative Team
Shannon is a dedicated member of the Finishing Department and an important part of our TrueArt™ Creative Team
Craig is a dedicated member of the Finishing Department and an important part of our TrueArt™ Creative Team
Daniel is an integral member of our Finishing Department and a dedicated part of the TrueArt™ Creative Team

KellyKelly Reed

Starting out in the real world in 1983 I co-owned a house-cleaning business until 2001. In Oct of 2001 I started at Reed in the customer service area and had to learn everything about a print studio. After several years I made the move to Account Manager taking care of client accounts. Today, you will find me supervising our Finishing and Voorwood departments. I coordinate employees and customer’s projects to completion; you will find me up to my elbows helping get this done. I believe in making sure that each and every order is completed to our customer’s satisfaction. I also order materials for these areas.
In my free time I will be digging in the dirt at home. After taking an Interior Design course I found that I have a passion in creating all my surroundings to welcoming and peaceful.

Shannon Schultz

After completing 3 years of extended photography classes, I started my career in the photographic industry in 1987 and have been with Reed since 2008. I work as a finishing technician and believe that working hard to produce a product should not only meet or exceed our standards, but also the standards of our clients. I am an easy-going, fun person to work with, and when I’m not working, I am with my family or following my passion of photography.

DavidDavid Arguello

I love what I do here at Reed. Over the years I’ve washed dishes, changed tires, picked up trash, driven trucks, buses and done custom framing. At Reed I operate the computerized milling machine that we use to make our Gallery Mount Collection. Being so versatile in my abilities, I can also help out where ever else I’m needed and often do. I’m a Colorado native and an avid sports fan. Go Broncos! On the weekends I am free to do whatever I want, and I spend them with my dog and/or fishing.

CraigCraig Farnum

My career in photography began with my Kodak Instamatic at the tender age of 6, taking pictures of bugs, squirrels and the family dog. I continued with hand-me-down cameras from my father until I was able to save up and buy my own in high school. After wandering the employment deserts for a while, I settled into my first photo lab job, processing film and printing at a little lab in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lots of pictures of golf tournaments, weddings and showgirls. Soon, I headed east to Denver and moved into a much larger lab, printing and later learning mounting and laminating. I’ve been providing high-end finishing services for 23 years now and working for Reed since 1995.

DanielDaniel Arguello

Like my brother, David Arguello, I have had a verity of different jobs, from warehouse manager to shipping and receiving, and custom framer. We both came to work at Reed in February of 2007, where I work in production. Framing, canvas stretching, building and assembling our Gallery Mount Collection and helping out where ever else I’m needed. I love sports, GO BRONCOS! In my free time I’m the team manager for my son’s football team. I fish, camp and spend as much time as possible with my wife and three beautiful children.