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MG 0891 Finishing TeamKelly Reed

Starting out in the real world in 1983 I co-owned a house cleaning business with my mother until 2001. In Oct of 2001 I started at Reed in the customer service area and had to learn everything about a photo lab. After several years I made the move to Account Managing Position taking care of sales accounts. Today, you will find me supervising our Finishing and Voorwood departments. I coordinate employees and customer’s projects to completion; you will find me up to my elbows helping get this done. I believe in making sure that each and every order is completed to our customer’s satisfaction. I also order materials for these areas.
In my free time I will be digging in the dirt at home. After taking an Interior Design course I found that I have a passion in creating all me surroundings to welcoming and peaceful.

MG 1104 1 150x150 Finishing TeamDan Reed

I’m passionate about quality. I design, do file retrieval, make custom crates, setup files in Photoshop, fill in where ever I am needed; Everything and Anything. I have a lifelong love of design and music. I play guitar and write songs. I’m married and an owner of Reed Art & Imaging.



MG 08521 150x150 Finishing TeamShannon Schultz

After completing high school and 3 years of extended photography classes, I started my career in the photographic industry in 1987 and have been with Reed since 2008. I work as a finishing technician and believe that working hard to produce a product, should not only meet our standards, but also the standards of our clients. I am an easy-going, fun person to work with, and when I’m not working, I am with my family or following my passion of photography.

MG 0771 Finishing TeamDavid Arguello

I love what I do here at Reed. Over the years I’ve washed dishes, changed tires, picked up trash, driven trucks, buses and done custom framing. At Reed I operate the Voorwood machine that we use to make our Gallery Mount Collection. Being so versatile in my abilities, I can also help out where ever else I’m needed and often do. I’m a Colorado native and an avid sports fan. Go Broncos! On the weekends I am free to do whatever I want, and I spend them with my dog and/or fishing.

MG 0831 Finishing TeamCraig Farnum

My career in photography began with my Kodak Instamatic at the tender
age of 6, taking pictures of bugs, squirrels and the family dog. I continued with hand-me-down cameras from my father until I was able to save up and buy my own in high school. After wandering the employment deserts for a while, I settled into my first photo lab job, processing film and printing, at a little lab in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lots of pictures of golf tournaments, weddings and showgirls. Soon, I headed east to Denver and moved into a much larger lab, printing and later learning mounting and laminating. I’ve been providing finishing
services for 23 years now and working for Reed photo since 1995.

MG 0797 Finishing TeamDaniel Arguello

Like my brother, David Arguello, I have had a verity of different jobs, from warehouse manager to shipping and receiving, and custom framer. We both came to work at Reed in February of 2007, where I work in production. Framing, canvas stretching, building and assembling our Gallery Mount Collection and helping out where ever else I’m needed. I love sports, GO BRONCOS! In my free time I’m the team manager for my son’s football team. I fish, camp and spend as much time as possible with my wife and three beautiful children.

stephHeadShot400 Finishing TeamStephanie “Bossy Beck”

Despite what my co-workers might tell you, here’s the real story behind my nickname: My mom gave it to me when I was 4 years old and she used it so often I thought it was my real name.  She stopped however, when I actually told someone in a grocery store that my name was “Bossy”.
After receiving my BA in photography from the University of Delaware in 2003, I came to work at Reed in their customer services department. I did that for four years, and that is where I learned all I needed to know about what kind of company Reed was, which is why I chose to stay while I finished school. Now I manage the products and website for our subsidiary, A Sign of Wisdom. I assist in the production of the plaques, fill in as a printer when needed and help out in our shipping department. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Human Resource Management.
Photography and cameras are a passion of mine. I love to collect toy and classic cameras. My collection includes several Holgas, some Brownies and a couple of “build your own” cameras as well as some pinholes. I believe…I need more sleep!


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