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Professional Drum Scanning – What You Need to Know to Be the Smartest Person In The Room

Drum Scans Color space is determined by the methodology used to create the colors within a file. The most popular of those are: RGB CMYK LAB or a similar space such as YCC RGB is gaining popularity in the graphics output community. RGB colors are “mixed” using values stated in levels instead of percentages. i.e. […]

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Wholesale Photo-Plaque Opportunities Available

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If you have a retail or online business and are looking for a fast selling, highly profitable product, look no further! Wholesale Photo-Plaques ASignOfWisdom.com has dedicated itself to selling our entire line of photo-plaques! Choose from Travel, Inspirational, Humorous and Vintage. To see our entire line, visit  www.asignofwisdom.com. Our line of products is a proven […]

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How to Setup Your Digital Files

We want you to have the best possible photographic print or fine art reproduction with the least amount of difficulty. For an engaging experience with outstanding results, simply follow the instructions below! Recommended Working Color Spaces While we suggest that you convert to profile for all large format prints (LightJet and Giclee) we provide you […]

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Tiff versus jpeg. Does Size Really Matter?

Is Bigger Always Better? Often we are asked to describe the difference between tiff and jpeg files. While they share a few similarities, there are a few differences and particularly some characteristics in the Jpeg format that an individual looking to get the very best image quality should be aware of. A Tiff file (Tagged […]

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How big can I print my file?

Here is another great question we hear quite often. Sometimes more than once a day. So it seems a relative bit of information to pass along here to our blog reader friends. There are two valid answers to this, depending on whether we look at this as a relative issue or a subjective one. As […]

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