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One of the industry veterans here at Reed and having worn a number of hats here, some for brief flashes of time, and others for more than a decade, John's history is long and varied. Back in `84, he was hired on as a film tech and airbrush retoucher and it was a natural transition moving into digital retouching. Presently his duties sit firmly in IT where he co-maintains workstations, servers, POS, commercial software and a good percentage of our websites. John has been a creative as long as he can remember. His first experience with a camera was a Montgomery Wards 126 format roll camera. "Plastic everything on that baby, only one shutter speed and one aperture - open" he recalls. Next up was an Afga Joselette 120 with manual focus, measured in meters of course. "Before I could move to another camera, I had to 'prove' my stuff to my father, and avid darkroom adventurist. I had to prove I could manually meter, push and pull as well as make a proper black and white print from those negs. At the time, I cursed the process, but as I grew in my photo career, it rapidly became very evident just how much I learned from those hours in the darkroom, processing and printing negs with such varied exposures and developments." He goes on to say "Things are a great deal different now. The industry has mostly replaced silver halide with pixels for capturing images. The silver and dye clouds in latent image papers are looking like they may not be far away from being completely replaced by ink jet dots in coming years. Science is constantly improving our ability to capture scenes electronically and I find the possibilities for the medium to be very exciting." Having worked with hundreds of thousands of images during his career thus far, he still finds the creation of new images fascinating. In his free time, you might find John with camera in hand exploring nature, a musical instrument playing for small groups or sharing his photoshop and camera chops in varied workshops. Mostly he enjoys spending my free time with his best friend – his wife Melissa, he proclaims " Somehow she makes even the most mundane weekend chores and shopping excursions a great deal of fun."

If you can’t find what you are looking for…

Looking for something we don’t offer? First we recommend you use our built-in search feature to locate it here on our site. If what you are looking for is a product or service we don’t provide, we would love to hear from you! We are always open to new ideas and fresh ways we can […]

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Colorado Photography Festival 2013

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Held from August 10th – 15th, this 6 day workshop is chock full of classes, workshops and photo adventures. The event starts off with back to back presentations by 5 ultra-talented photographers who will provide thought provoking discussions and slide shows that will educate and inspire. The kick-off presentation by Glenn Randal ( is destined […]

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Month of Photography at Bardo Coffee House

Bardo Coffee House at 238 South Broadway in Denver has an exciting show featuring 3 fantastic artists for the Month of Photography. The show titled Sensual Fiction at the Bardow highlights 3 female artists at their best. Curated by Richard Peterson for Month of Photography, the show features photographs by Terri Bell, Valerie Photogoddess and […]

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How to Setup Your Digital Files

We want you to have the best possible photographic print or fine art reproduction with the least amount of difficulty. For an engaging experience with outstanding results, simply follow the instructions below! Recommended Working Color Spaces While we suggest that you convert to profile for all large format prints (LightJet and Giclee) we provide you […]

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How to Get Great Color, Save Profits, and Never Have to Work Color or Density in Photoshop or Lightroom. Part 1

I’m going to fill you in on the secrets of how to get great color, save your profits, and never have to work color or density in Photoshop. All without the use of ICC profiles, confusing work-flows or batch conversions. If you understood the above and it applies to you, chances are you are a […]

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How to get Great Color, Save Your Profits, and Never Have to Work Color or Density in Photoshop. Part 2

My last blog post discussed the weakness of TTL metering and the need for spot on exposure to avoid working your files in photoshop. Thus saving money and time which should result in a more profitable business. Rule #2 – If you don’t have proper white balance, you don’t have correct color. This seems like […]

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How to Get Great Color, Save Your Profits, and Never Have to Work Color or Density in Photoshop. Part 3

My last two blog posts discussed the critical need for spot-on metering and absolute correct white balance to avoid working your files in photoshop. Thus saving money and time which should result in better prints and a more profitable business. Rule #3 – correct working space + Printer space = Great Print! Digital cameras work […]

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How to Get Great Color, Save Your Profits, and Never Have to Work Color or Density in Photoshop. Part 4

In the previous post in this series, I wrote about using sRGB for printing your studio work. This post we talk about how JPEG can be your workflow friend. Rule #4 – JPEG has benefits. Shooting raw has its place. Like when the dynamic range of the scene far exceeds that of your camera. Or […]

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Larger and Faster Storage is on the Horizon

Larger and faster storage is on the horizon! At the current rate at which silicon-based technology doubles – approximately every 18-24 months, it won’t be long before our cameras outgrow their present storage form-factors. Nikon, SanDisk and Sony have announced their joint effort for a new portable storage specification aimed at meeting the future needs […]

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Getting the Best Possible Print from Your Fine Art Lab. Part 5 of 5

Getting to Know You! Get to know the people who print your work. A true fine-art class facility doesn’t just work for you, they work WITH you to get the print that satisfies your vision. Only you as the artist know exactly what you want in your print. Good communication skills can bridge a tremendous […]

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